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$10,000 Campaign Underway to Help the Buns and Pigs

Update 8/24/17 - We have received the following donations towards our $10,000 goal. THANK YOU!!!

$2500 anonymous gift and a pledge to match up to $2500 - so far we have $1564 that will be matched.

$4064 towards our goal of $10,000.

Update for Buckley Bunny - Surgery scheduled for the 25th. We are excited and always a bit nervous...keep him in your prayers.



Buckley Needs Extensive Dental Surgery

When Buckley first arrived, we thought his top teeth were overgrown and just needed to be trimmed. A recent visit to our veterinarian revealed that his bottom teeth grow out horizontally, his top teeth don't grown down - they sweep off to the sides, and his molars have sharp points and distortions that render them nearly useless and painful for chewing. The back teeth are also impacting his eyes. How he managed to survive as long as he did is a testament to his desire to live. His inability to eat well is obvious by his under-developed size.

With surgery, he will be able to make up for those lost calories and be free from the pain and suffering his mouth deformities have caused him.

He is the sweetest little guy and at only two years old, he has a lifetime ahead of him. One we want to make sure is full of love, kindness, special care, and friends.

Pumbaa Needs An Escape Proof Home

Pumbaa had a lot of medical and psychological challenges when we transferred to our care from KHS. After many vet visits and two surgeries, he is healthy and ready to move out of the horse trailer nursing home, in to a home of his own.

He has a talent for getting out of places and not wanting to go back in so we are in need of a special enclosure that will insure his safety and happiness.

Wilbur is Ready for A Happy Outside Piggy Home

He too needed a surgery and vet visits to get him fully healthy. He is the most easy going character and happily strolls around the property finding his favorite spots for sunning, scratching, and toileting. When he is done, he strolls back in to the trailer and takes a nap.

We are very excited for him to have even more freedom in a new enclosure made just for him and Pumbaa.

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An Every Day Way You Can Support One Heart Wild

Amazon Smile provides another way for you to support One Heart Wild in the course of your every day shopping. Please consider going to Smile.Amazon and choosing One Heart Wild as your charity, there is no additional cost to you and .5% of your purchase will be donated to OHW.

If you are a WA State Employee or your WA employer participates in the Combined Fund Drive or a Federal Employee (Combined Federal Campaign), One Heart Wild  is an approved charity on the list of organizations you can choose to give to through your company's payroll deduction. Look for One Heart Wild Education Sanctuary or One Heart Wild.

 One Heart Wild EIN: 47-3649523

NOTE: Be sure you are on the Smile.Amazon website when you place your Amazon order. Thank You!

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